The basic idea of CHALKIS in the industry transformation strategy-Strategic Transformation Opportunity


The basic idea of CHALKIS in the industry transformation strategy

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One goal: enter into the health industry, create healthy biological industry group

Two supports: Relying on the" One Belt And One Road"of national strategy and the construction of xinjiang core historic opportunity, Relying on the strong power of state-owned enterprises reform, realize great-leap-forward development

Three steps: reform mechanism, optimization of the reserve, transformation and upgrading

four breakthroughs: Mechanism breakthroughs, prior to try, innovate boldly, establish a fully market-oriented efficient enterprise operation mechanism Industry breakthroughs, From traditional tomato planting and processing industry to  health industry transformation

Technology breakthroughs,Close to the international frontier science and technology,strengthen the scientific research and new product development capability,Use technology and services to protect health,guard life Capital breakthroughs,by means of Stock configuration,Targeted Placement,restructure & merger,bond issuing expense,short-term financing bonds,Convertible bond,Set up the industrial investment fund,Enlarge the size, reinforce financing ability.

Five guarantee: 

Policy guarantee, take full advantage of" One Belt And One Road"policy and state-owned enterprise reform policy,Provide the conditions for industry transformation

incentive system guarantee,  intensify reform,Innovation mechanism,on the way to the  mixed ownership , Try to equity incentive

Capital guarantee, Make full use of the capital market, developing financing channels, increase investment in key construction projects

talents guarantee, introducing elitists,construct the effective organization team.

Technology guarantee, Occupation health industry technical commanding heights,With science and technology strength improve product competitiveness,Promoting the development of health industry